Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Hannah G.

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

[illustrations] Illustrations by Dani Jones

Sharing the Gospel through Service

My best friend, Aniyah, isn’t a member of the Church. Aniyah’s brother Khali is best friends with my brother Nathaniel. We wanted to share the gospel with their family. Aniyah and Khali’s mother recently had a baby. My mom wanted to let Aniyah’s mom have time with the new baby. We took Aniyah and Khali to our pioneer picnic, the ward beach party, and later to the ward Halloween party.

We found out that their mom had never been given a baby shower [party] even though this was her third child. My mom insisted on giving her one. I helped my mom get the house ready and prepare the lunch. I had so much fun, and her family really appreciated the party.

Nathaniel was recently baptized, and Aniyah’s whole family came. They were touched by the service, and I know they felt the Lord’s Spirit there. I learned that by serving others we can share the gospel.

[photo] Hannah G., age 11, California

Of Good Report

In family home evening we studied the 13th article of faith. We learned that “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” Then we talked about the kinds of movies and television shows we watch. We decided that our family would not watch movies rated R or PG-13. Then a movie came out that I really wanted to see. I had seen the first three movies in the series, but I told my mom that we shouldn’t see the fourth because it was rated PG-13. She said it would be my choice. Even though I really wanted to see it, I decided that I wouldn’t. I felt that it might not be “virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.”

[photo] Brady B., age 9, Utah

Sabbath Example

When I go on camping trips with the Girl Scouts I come home on Saturday night so I can go to church on Sunday. One time when my mom came to pick me up, one of the girls asked me why I was leaving. I told her that I wanted to go to church. She asked why I couldn’t just skip it, so I explained about the Sabbath day. I’m trying to set a good example for the people around me, and I’m glad that my family keeps the Sabbath day holy.

[photo] Jordan B., age 11, Michigan

Good Choice About Bad Words

Last year at school my classmates tried to make me say some bad words. I told them that saying those words was wrong. They didn’t stop trying to make me say the words, but I told them I wouldn’t. I felt happy inside when I stood up for the right in front of my friends. I’m trying to be like Jesus by keeping the commandments.

[photo] Josette Anne G. A., age 8, Philippines

Stop Picking on Her!

I had just moved into a new house, and I felt really shy about going to a new school. When I arrived at school, I saw an older girl picking on a little girl about my age because she walked differently. I ran over and said, “Stop picking on her!”

The older girl said, “Leave me alone!” and I said, “No, you leave her alone!”

The unkind girl ran away. The other girl and I are still friends.

[photo] Sabrina E. G., age 10, Arizona

The Twenty-Dollar Bill

One day while I was at a store with my mom I found a twenty-dollar bill on the floor. I showed it to my mom and she asked me what I thought I should do with it. I knew that the money did not belong to me, so I decided to give it to a store clerk. While we were checking out, the clerk told me that a little girl had called crying because she had lost her birthday money. Because I did the right thing, the little girl got her money back, and I got a big hug from my mom.

[photo] Jackson B., age 5, Ohio