Matt and Mandy

Illustrations by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

Mrs. Turner: It’s so nice of you children to help me like this.

Matt: It’s fun! I’m mowing down grass monsters with my whirly-ray blaster.

Mrs. Turner: I wish you’d let me pay you.

Mandy: Thanks, Mrs. Turner, but getting paid would make it seem too much like work.

Matt: Yeah, it’s way too hot to work.

Mandy: But it’s just right for giving these bush buffalos a haircut.

Mrs. Turner: Can I at least offer you some lemonade?

Mandy: Lemonade is great fuel for buffalo trimming.

Matt: And grass-monster mowing.

Matt: Wow! This really is powerful fuel! I can feel my energy pack recharging.

Mandy: And my buffalo scissors are powering up!

Mrs. Turner: Thank heavens for good neighbors.

Mandy: Especially for good neighbors who make good lemonade!