Counting on Family

We are a happy family (Children’s Songbook, 198).

1 There is just one me. That’s why I’m so special. There is just one you, so you are special too. What’s your name? _________________

2 I have two parents. Mom and Dad work with me, play with me, read to me, and pray with me. What do your mom and dad do with you? _________________

3 I have three sisters. They taught me how to tie my shoes, zip my coat, and write my name. How many sisters do you have? _________________

4 I have four grandparents—two grandmas and two grandpas. I always have a cozy lap to sit on and someone to get a kiss from. What do you like to do with your grandparents? _________________

5 I have five brothers. I don’t have to look very far to find a buddy to do things with. How many brothers do you have? _________________

6 I have six aunts in all shapes and sizes. They are like extra moms. Everyone needs an extra mom now and then. How many aunts do you have? _________________

7 I have seven uncles. When they are around, there is lots of activity and fun! How many uncles do you have? _________________

8 I have eight great-grandparents. Most of them I only know through their photos, but I can still hug two of them. Does your family have photos of your great-grandparents? _________________

9 I have nine pets—one guinea pig, one dog, two cats, two canaries, and three goldfish. Mom calls them my zoo, but they feel like family to me! How many pets do you have and what kind are they? _________________

10 I have ten cousins—for now. When all of us get together, the day just isn’t long enough. How many cousins do you have? _________________

I am so glad I can count on family!

[illustrations] Illustrations by Julie F. Young

Marshmallow Covered Wagon

Marshmallow Covered Wagon

Illustrations by Julie F. Young

Jumping for Joy

Roll on the ground,
Jump up and down.
It feels great to be alive!

[illustration] Illustrations by Julie F. Young

Family Love

Family members can show their love to each other in many ways. Love can be shown by helping, listening, teaching, and having fun together. Think of the loving things you do for your family, and then think of the ways you receive love from them.

Instructions: Color the house to look like your home. Write your address over the door. Mount this page on heavy paper, then cut out the house and the picture strip. Cut along the broken lines on each side of the door. Slide the picture strip through the slits on each side of the door. Glue the ends of the picture strip together. Show one picture at a time, and tell how family love is shown. You may want to draw a strip of your own pictures.

Family Love(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Julie F. Young