Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Brandon and Andrew C. with help from their mom

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[illustrations] Illustrations by Brad Teare

Book of Mormon Brothers

When President Hinckley said to read the Book of Mormon, I told Mom that I would do it. She wasn’t sure I could, but I worked really hard, reading whenever I had time. Some nights I stayed up reading with Mom. I finished three weeks before my eighth birthday. My dad showed me a special scripture in Moroni that says to pray about the Book of Mormon and ask if it’s true. When I read the Book of Mormon I felt the Spirit, and I was so happy when I finished it. I hope you’ll be happy when you finish it too.

When the prophet asked us to read the Book of Mormon, I couldn’t read all the words yet. My older brother, Brandon, was reading it, and I wanted to read it too. I just started reading all the words I knew and finished the Book of Mormon that way. I prayed to know if it was true, and the answer was yes! It made me very happy. I want to read all the words when I get better at reading.

[photo] Brandon C., age 8, California

[photo] Andrew C., age 6, California

Example through Song

As I was going to the park with my friend Emma and her mom, I saw the temple and started to sing “I Love to See the Temple.” When we got to the park, Emma’s mom told my mom that she wanted to start going to church again. My mom was surprised because Emma’s mom hadn’t been to church for a long time. She told my mom, “Natalie was singing Primary songs, and Emma doesn’t even know any.” Now Emma is a Sunbeam. I’m glad I could be an example.

[photo] Natalie S., age 4 (right) with her friend Emma, Utah

Bicycle Service

It was really hot one day and my family wanted to go swimming. We like to ride bikes to the swimming pool because it’s more fun than driving in the car. The only problem is that it’s a lot of work getting the bikes down and ready to go. Mom was busy getting all the swimming things ready, so I told her I would help by getting the bicycles ready. I even set up the bicycle trailer for my little brother all by myself. When Mom came out she couldn’t believe I had done everything by myself. It felt good to go the extra mile like Jesus said to do. And we were all able to go swimming sooner too.

[photo] Hunter J., age 10, Virginia

Repentance and Reverence

Once my friend and I ran all around the church when we had a substitute Primary teacher. After church I called the substitute and said I was sorry. Now I try to be good at church. I walk, not run. I fold my arms. In Primary I listen and answer questions. When I am reverent, I feel the Spirit.

[photo] Shawn W., age 6, Connecticut

Kind at School

I try to be like Jesus when I am at school by being kind to others. One time my friend felt bad and started to cry because she forgot her snack. I had an extra snack in my backpack, so I gave it to her. She felt happy, and that made me feel good.

Once a friend got hurt on the playground so I walked with him to the nurse’s office. If somebody doesn’t have anyone to play with on the playground, I play with them. It makes me feel good to help others be happy.

[photo] Melissa N., age 7, Minnesota