Trying to Be Like Jesus

By John J. S.

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

[illustrations] Illustrations by Pat Hoggan

Comforting a Friend

I was at the home of a friend. We played video games, and at first everything was OK. Then my friend’s parents started arguing with each other, saying bad words and things that weren’t kind. My friend told me he didn’t like them saying those things. It made him feel sad and scared. He asked his parents to stop arguing and saying bad words, but they didn’t stop. We decided to go downstairs to be away from the arguing. To help my friend feel better, I told him about Jesus Christ, and how we can all get to heaven and be together as happy families. My friend doesn’t go to church, so I wanted to share the gospel with him. My friend said that the things I told him made him feel much better.

When I got home, my parents gave me big hugs. I was so happy to be home that I never wanted to leave again. I told my mom that as soon as I got home I felt safe again. It was like a shield surrounded me and protected me.

Someday I want to go on a mission and help people like my friend.

[photo] John J. S., age 9, Virginia

Good Food

I am excited to be in kindergarten. I can’t wait to share what I know about eating good food with my new friends. I’m happy when I eat my green beans, bananas, and pineapple, and when I drink lots of water. It makes me happy, strong, and smart. In Primary I learned that Heavenly Father wants me to eat good food.

[photo] Brandon S. W., age 5, Utah

Piercing Promise

One day I went to my neighbor’s house to play with my friends. When one of them came out, I noticed that she had two piercings in each ear. I got kind of jealous. Then her sister came out, and she also had two piercings in each ear. I got even more jealous, and I almost said I wished I could get more piercings too. Then I remembered that Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to follow the prophet. Even though I already have a piercing in each ear, I won’t get any more. I will always try to be like Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

[photo] Haylei C., age 10, Arizona

Zero Lies

One day I took home a spelling test with zero wrong. When my mom looked at it, she noticed that one of the words was spelled wrong. I was very sad that I had gotten one word wrong and did not want to tell my teacher. But the next morning I told my teacher about the mistake. She said she did not have her glasses on when she corrected the papers. She told the class that I told the truth. Then she asked me to choose something from the prize jar. I am glad that I told the truth.

[photo] Anna S., age 8, Michigan

A Kind Invitation

I went outside and saw some new neighbors moving in. One of the kids was my age. Her name was Hannah. I remembered there was a Primary activity that very day, so I asked her if she wanted to go. She asked, “What time?” I said, “four o’clock at the church.” She asked her mom and then said OK. I knew at that moment that Jesus and Heavenly Father were happy that I was being kind, because I felt warm inside. Now Hannah and I are best friends.

[photo] Cassidy S., age 9, Idaho