Runaway Horse

My family visited a ranch where I got to ride a white horse. Another horse spooked him, and all of a sudden he was running away with me. I was bouncing about and holding on for dear life. Finally I fell off! The only parts of me that got hurt were my right foot and the top part of my leg. Everyone said that I held on for a long time and landed well. I know that Heavenly Father helped me so I wouldn’t get hurt badly. I know that He protects us all, and that we should thank Him. Audrey M., age 10, Washington

[illustration] Illustration by Brad Teare

Friend First Aid

Last week I broke my arm. My neighbor who is a nurse told us that we needed to make a splint for my arm to protect it on the way to the hospital. She asked me if we had a few magazines we could use. My mom ran and got four Friend magazines, and my neighbor used them to make a splint by tying them around my arm with yarn. We had to wait a very long time in the hospital, so I was able to read my Friend magazines. I read a lot of stories, and one of them was about a boy in the hospital. I was comforted by the stories and the priesthood blessing I was given. I felt at peace. I love the Friend. Macey I., age 7, Minnesota

Three Wonderful Letters

A few days after the May 2006 Friend arrived, my six-year-old daughter, Kari, leaned over to me and whispered, “Dad, I have a secret. Let’s mow the word Mom into our lawn and surprise her.” I had seen the May cover illustration and knew how the seed had been planted. Kari and her sisters had a giggly sense of excitement all the next week and a half. I made sure my wife was gone the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day while my girls and I mowed those three wonderful letters into our front lawn. Kari told me she wanted to do this to make her mom happy and tell her she loved her.

[photo] Kari J., age 6, Utah