I have a testimony
That has begun to grow.
Gospel truths I once believed
Now I can say, “I know.”
When I feel inside my heart
The Holy Spirit’s there,
I can help bless others and
My testimony share.
I testify of Jesus Christ,
Of Heavenly Father’s plan,
The power of the Atonement,
And eternal life for man.
I testify of Joseph Smith,
And priesthood power restored,
The fulness of the gospel
On earth forevermore.
I testify of the prophet
And Twelve Apostles too,
Living in these latter days
To lead us safely through.
I testify of lessons learned
Through study and through prayer,
Truths in the Book of Mormon,
That I’ve discovered there.
I share my testimony,
Then reverently I end
Like a sacred prayer that’s said,
In Jesus’s name, amen.

[illustration] Illustration by Brad Teare