Friendly Medicine

One night I was not feeling very good. My dad read the Friend to me, and I felt better. After that I noticed that every time he read the Friend to me I felt better. So now he reads the Friend to me a lot, and I always feel better. Mali H., age 7, Washington

My First Family Fast

My cousins came from New Mexico to visit us. We had a great time. When they went home, my grandma went with them. The next day Grandma got very sick. She had to go to the hospital because her kidneys were shutting down. My mom came to me and told me what was happening. She invited me to fast with the family. She explained why prayer with fasting is more powerful than prayer alone. It was easy because whenever I thought about food or water, I remembered what I was fasting for and forgot about food and water. Grandma started getting better as we were ending our fast. She finished her vacation and then came back home. I am grateful that we can fast. Austin J., age 8, Utah

Jesus’s Atonement

Before we came to earth, Heavenly Father presented us with a plan. In this plan we would go to earth, learn, and eventually return to heaven if we keep the commandments. We could not do this by ourselves. We needed a Savior. Two people volunteered to be our Savior, Jesus and Lucifer (Satan). Lucifer said he would force us to be good. Jesus said He would die for us. Heavenly Father chose Jesus. I have a testimony that Jesus did come to earth and that He died for everyone. Meghan S., age 11, Colorado

President Hinckley

I think of President Hinckley when I sing “Follow the Prophet” in Primary. President Hinckley is very nice to other people. When I was five, President Hinckley said “hi” to me in Kirtland, Ohio. That was a lucky day for me. Here is a picture I drew of President Hinckley. Victoria H., age 7, Ohio