[illustration] Illustration by Brad Teare

Following Kayla and the Spirit

When I went to Delaware this summer, my papa and I took his dog Kayla for a walk at a bird sanctuary. We walked so far into the woods that we got lost. We tried for hours to find our way back to the car. We thought we might have to build a shelter and sleep there because it was getting dark. The Holy Ghost prompted Papa to let Kayla off the leash, and she would lead us back to the car. Papa listened, and we found our way out of the woods. I know that if we listen to the Holy Ghost we will be blessed.

[photo] Gavin E., age 6, California, with help from his mom

Biking Prayer

I was biking with my dad when I got sick. I felt awful. It was too far to ride home, so we sat down on the sidewalk and I asked Dad to say a prayer for me. Then we walked down the street and found a lady who gave me a chair in the shade and a glass of water. She let us call my mom on her phone, and Mom came and picked me up. Once I got home I rested for a while and felt fine. I am thankful that Heavenly Father answered our prayer and helped us.

[photo] Jared K., age 7, British Columbia, Canada

My Baptism

About a year ago I was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When my dad confirmed me, many of my family, friends, and neighbors were there with me. By the time the ordinance was done, I was in tears because I could feel the Spirit. I shook everyone’s hand and gave them a hug. From that day on, I have always tried to choose the right.

[photo] Mckaley Ann S., age 9, Utah