In January 2007, we asked you to tell us about a time when you faced your fears. We are very grateful to each of you who responded. Unfortunately, we can only publish a few of them. Please know that even if your letter does not appear here, your help was appreciated. Thank you!

My Sight Restored

Once, I fell off my bunk bed and hit my head very hard. I was scared because I couldn’t see. My daddy gave me a blessing. He said that I would be able to see very soon. When the ambulance men came, they shined a flashlight in my eyes. I looked around and I could see again! I didn’t feel afraid anymore. I am grateful for the priesthood in my home. I am glad that whenever I am scared or need help, my daddy is there to give me a blessing.

Stuck in an Elevator

A few months ago I got stuck in the elevator of my apartment building without my mom or brother. I was very afraid. The man who cleans the building found me and helped me get back to my mom. Later, Mom told me that while I was lost she said a prayer to Heavenly Father asking that I would get back safely to her. I am still nervous when I get in the elevator, but I’m more careful, and I know I can ask Heavenly Father for help.

Afraid of Recess

In kindergarten I was afraid to go out to recess. Every recess I would go to the library. I did that for a long time. Then I started going to recess because my friends helped me to overcome my fear. Now I go out to recess every day. I know Heavenly Father also helped me to overcome my fear.

Bad Dream

One time I woke up from a bad dream. I felt very afraid, so I decided to pray. I said: “Heavenly Father, please help me to fall back to sleep. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” Afterward, I felt comforted and safe. I was able to go back to sleep.

Facing My Fear

I read the story “The Opposite of Fear” in the January 2007 Friend (pages 18–19). It was about a girl who did not want to go to bed. I was also scared to go to bed because I had been having bad dreams. I put a picture of Jesus in my room and thought about Him just like the girl in the story. I have felt happier since then. I love Jesus Christ.