Trying to Be Like Jesus

William J., age 9, Michigan

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

Scooters and Friends

While my friend and I were riding scooters around the neighborhood, he accidentally tripped over a rock, fell off his scooter, and landed on his back. Luckily we were by another friend’s house, so I helped my hurt friend over there and rang the doorbell. Steven came to the door and said, “What’s wrong, William?”

“Well, Michael here fell off his scooter and landed on his back,” I answered. I asked if his mom was home and he said yes. So I took Michael inside.

Steven’s mom looked at his back. She said that it was only a bruise. In five minutes he felt much better. I know that Jesus would help His friends too.

Hard Not to Go

Most birthday parties I am invited to are on Saturdays. However, one year I was invited to two of them on a Sunday. It was hard not to go as both parties were at the Canada Games Pool, and I knew they would be a lot of fun. But I also know that it is a commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy. I decided not to go. The next year when these girls’ birthdays came around, both of them held their parties on Saturday, and I was able to go.

I Want to Be a Missionary Now

I have a strong testimony of the gospel and love to read the scriptures. I love sharing the gospel with family and friends. I have given away pass-along cards and two copies of the Book of Mormon.

I love having the missionaries in my home and appreciate the great examples they set for me. I am studying Preach My Gospel and reading the missionary library. This helps me be a missionary now and is preparing me to be the best missionary I can be later. I am looking forward to serving wherever Heavenly Father needs me.

Kind Nephite Sister

I played a Nephite girl in the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah. When Jesus visits the righteous Nephites in the pageant, the children get to sit by Him and be taught by Him.

On the last night of the pageant, my group was assigned to go up to Jesus. I wanted to be the child to sit on the knee of the man playing the part of Jesus as he taught the children. I planned to walk quickly up the pageant steps where the man sat so I could sit on his knee. When it was time for the children to walk up to him, I tried to hurry, but my little brother Benjamin took my hand and said, “Wait for me. I want to be close to Jesus too.”

I listened to the Holy Ghost and held my brother’s hand and helped him so he could sit close to the man playing Jesus. Many children were able to get in front of us, so I didn’t get to sit on his knee. I was very sad and told my mom. She said that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is very pleased with me for helping my brother. The next day my mom asked the man who dressed up as Jesus if I could sit on his knee for a picture, and he said yes.

Illustrations by Scott Greer