Trying to Be Like Jesus

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

Serving Others

Hamilton P., age 7, Utah

I went with my family to an orphanage in Mexico to help with some work projects. I helped by working in the garden, painting the bunk beds, and laying cement with my dad and brothers.

There are lots of helpers at the orphanage. Every day they make 400 meals and do 70 loads of laundry. They are just like our family only they have 124 kids. They are very happy and I had lots of fun playing with the kids.

When Jesus was on the earth He gave us the commandment to love others as He loves us. When I was at the orphanage I learned that when we follow this commandment we’re happy. I am thankful that I could go to Mexico and see that by following Heavenly Father’s commandments I will be happy.

Tithing Choice

Natalie B., age 10, Minnesota

A few days ago I was looking through my money when I noticed a hole in my tithing envelope. I opened it to make sure all of what I owed was still there, and I found that I was missing a quarter. I had two choices: I could put another quarter in, or I could pretend there never was one in it. I chose to put another quarter in. I knew I had made the right choice because I had a happy feeling the rest of the day.

Recital Resolution

Joshua R., age 8, Montana

My spring piano recital was on a Sunday. I told my mom I would not play on that day because it was the Sabbath. My mother agreed. We told my piano teacher that Sunday was a special day and that we would not be able to attend. My teacher scheduled another recital for Saturday, and I was able to play after all. Other students and their families were happy about the Saturday recital as well.

Missionary Project

Rollins W., age 11, Georgia

I was given an assignment to prepare an entry for my school’s social studies fair. The title of my project was “How Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Teach Its Youth to Live Their Religion?” I interviewed 40 members of my ward. Then I charted their answers and wrote my research paper. I also narrated a slide show that showed many of our church activities.

My project won “Best in Fair” at the school, county, and regional levels. I did not win at the state level, but that was OK because my project taught people how the Church works. I even got to teach the judges about the Church. I think it was a good missionary project.

A Lesson in Prayer

Kate Noel M., age 8, Missouri

A few years ago we visited my mom’s friend in Texas. While visiting their family, their youngest child became sick. That night, I knelt down with her sister and explained how to pray. We prayed that her little sister would feel better. The next day she was feeling much better. I’m so glad we prayed for her to get better. My mom said she was proud of me for teaching my friend how I pray to Heavenly Father.

Illustration by Manelle Oliphant

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