Trying to Be Like Jesus

Zane J., age 11, Texas

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

I Will Be Honest*

I was riding my bike to school as usual, but this day was different! I saw something on the ground. It was black and rectangular, and I realized that it was a wallet. I was tempted to take the money, but I decided to choose the right and return it to the owner. After I gave it to the main office at school, they said they were proud of me. I felt good that I had done the right thing.

*See My Gospel Standards, Faith in God guidebook, back cover

Sweet Feelings

One day my mom was making crafts using candy. When she wasn’t looking I put one of the candies in my pocket. I wanted to save it and eat it later, even though I knew I should have asked my mom first. I knew I had made the wrong choice, so I told my mom what I had done. After I told her I felt happy inside. I want to choose the right every day.

Being Nice

One day in my preschool class, a little girl cried because two other girls wouldn’t let her play. I hopped off my bike and told her I would play with her because I’m a Mormon. She asked me, “What’s a Mormon?” I answered, “Someone who is nice.” I hope I can always show kindness like Jesus. I hope you can too!

Kindness Reminder

In the October 2004 issue of the Friend there was a story called “The New Boy.” It was about how a boy was friendly to a new boy at school who came from China. There was a boy at my school who always picked on other children and called them bad names. After I read the story, I told him to leave the other children alone. The story reminded me to be friendly to others and do what I can to help them. I am thankful for the gospel because it helps me to be a better person.

Following an Impression

One night Braden was sitting in his bedroom playing a game. He thought he heard someone crying, but who could that be? Braden kept playing with his game. Then he heard the crying again. Something told him that he should go downstairs, and that maybe he could help. He got up and went downstairs.

His mom was sitting on the sofa, crying. What would make his mother feel better? He began cleaning up the living room. Then he put some ice in a cup for her. She was expecting a baby and liked ice.

His mother hugged him. She told him that she was feeling sick and lonely because Dad was out of town on business. She had asked Heavenly Father to please send someone to help her. Braden told her about the feeling that he should come downstairs. His mother told him that the feeling was the Holy Ghost, and that by following the Holy Ghost he had been an answer to her prayer.

Illustrations by Rebecca Jacobson