In June 2007, we asked you to tell us about a time when a parent, teacher, leader, or friend has been a “shepherd” in your life by warning you of danger or leading you on the right path. We are very grateful to each of you who responded. Unfortunately, we can only publish a few of your letters. Please know that even if your letter does not appear here, your help was appreciated. Thank you!

Stranger Danger

When I was nine years old, we had a family home evening lesson on safety. My mom taught us about stranger danger and what to do if we were ever in harm’s way. I didn’t think much about the lesson until about six months later. I was jogging home when a man driving a dark car stopped and yelled at me to get in his car. I was scared and worried that he would hurt me if I didn’t get in his car, but then I remembered the family home evening lesson. I ran in the other direction away from the car and the man drove off. I told my mom what had happened and she called the police. Mom told me that she had prayed that day for my protection, and she had felt inspired to plan the lesson on stranger danger. My mom and dad are Jesus’s helpers. They are two of the shepherds who are here to protect and watch over me. I am grateful for them.

Hunter’s Warning

I went on a fathers and sons’ campout with my ward. My friends and I hiked down a canyon. We chose the oldest boy, Hunter, to be our leader. When we came to a curve in the canyon, Hunter warned us that we shouldn’t go around the curve. He had a feeling that something bad would happen if we did. So we turned around and walked in the other direction. Later, when we were hiking with our dads and we went around that curve, Hunter’s dad almost stepped on a rattlesnake! A rattlesnake’s rattle is a warning, but the Holy Ghost can warn us about all kinds of danger. I am thankful Hunter listened to the Holy Ghost so we could all be safe.

Guidance from My Mom and the Holy Ghost

I asked my mom if I could play outside with my friends. She said, “Yes, but don’t go too far.” When I got outside, my friends were waiting for me. “Should I get my scooter?” I asked. “Sure,” said Derek. Sam said they were going to the park. I remembered what my mom had told me, and I heard a voice say, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” I said that I wouldn’t go. Right after they left a car passed by. I knew I probably would have been hit. I am happy for my mom and the Holy Ghost who guide me through my life.

Sunbeam Teachers

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I get to go to Primary and learn about Jesus. I love my Sunbeam teachers. I am grateful for them. They teach me how to choose the right and how to follow Jesus. I also like to share the things I have learned with my family. They keep us on the right path.

Illustration by Paul Mann, © 2002 IRI