I Knew the Answer

One day, I was playing a trivia game with two of my neighbors. In the game you draw a card and answer the question on it. If you answer correctly, you get to advance on the game board. I drew a card that asked this question: “One of the world’s major religions was established by a man named Joseph Smith. What is the common name for the members of this religion?” My two neighbors are not members of the Church, so they looked confused, but I had a big smile on my face. I knew the answer! I quickly said, “Mormons!” I was so surprised to read a card about my religion. I was very happy that I knew the right answer.

Illustration by Holly Ferris

Pioneers in a Storm

I was listening to President Hinckley speak in general conference. He was talking about the pioneers. The prophet said there was a big storm while the pioneers were walking. It made me feel sad for them. When I heard this story, I felt like drawing a picture of them. I am thankful for the pioneers.

Scared to Say “I’m Sorry”

Once, I had to apologize to an adult for something I said that was unkind. I was outside playing with my cousin when my dad called me inside to talk to the adult on the phone. I felt very scared to talk to her, but I knew that I had to do it. Even though I was scared, I am glad I did it because I felt happy inside and relieved after I did it.