Grandpa’s Red Pickup Truck

Grandpa’s Red Pickup Truck(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

Grandpa has a red truck. He hauls lots of things in his truck. On Monday, Grandpa hauls hay for the cows. On Tuesday, Grandpa drives 5 pigs to the fair. On Wednesday, Grandpa hauls orange pumpkins on a dusty road. On Thursday, Grandpa takes 2 dogs to the vet. On Friday, Grandpa hauls firewood through a muddy field. On Saturday, Grandpa’s truck is very dirty. Kade and Karlie help Grandpa wash his truck. Kade sweeps the back with a broom. Karlie sprays the truck with a hose. Kade wipes the windows with a rag. Karlie scrubs the tires with a scrub brush. On Sunday, Grandpa takes Kade and Karlie to church in his clean red truck.

When I Am Eight Years Old

Number these events in the order that they happen.

baptism numbering activity(click to view larger)

Book of Mormon Animals

Some of the animals mentioned in the Book of Mormon are pictured on these two pages. For a family home evening activity, have someone look up the reference where the animal’s name first appears and read the scripture. Then color the animal. (If possible, make copies of the pages for each family member or take turns coloring the animals.) No one knows what the cumom and curelom look like, so draw what you think they might look like.

Book of Mormon animals, right page(click to view larger)

Elephant Ether 9:19

Vulture, Dog Mosiah 12:2

Ox, Horse 1 Nephi 18:25

Bear 2 Nephi 21:7

Swine 3 Nephi 14:6

Whale Ether 2:24

Curelom, Cumom Ether 9:19

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