Friends by Mail

Kai T., age 3, Utah, with help from his mom

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Brotherly Love

I love my big brother, Abe. I like to follow him, and I like to wear his clothes. The other day I was playing with a friend, and we both wanted the same toy. Abe helped me share and think of how we could all play happily. My brother takes great care of me and shows me the right way, just like a shepherd.

Powerful Prayers

When I was 21 months old, I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Thankfully, my mom is a registered nurse and she takes good care of me. It gets really bad during the winter, and I missed a lot of school. When I entered the third grade, my mom prayed for me and my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. On the last day of school, I was awarded a Perfect Attendance Award. Heavenly Father really answers prayers.

My Baptism

When I got baptized there were a lot of people who came to see my baptism. I had lots of family to support me. Most of my friends who came were not members of the Church. They were all happy for me. Now one of my friends who came to my baptism has chosen to be baptized in her own church. It makes me feel happy because every time she talks about her baptism, it reminds me of my baptism, and it brings a greater joy to my heart.

Follow the Prophet

For family home evening our family decided to spread hay on our garden. It’s not in our yard, so we had to drive there. Some of us didn’t want to go because it looked like it was about to rain. Then we remembered that President Spencer W. Kimball had said to plant a garden. When we got there the storm hit, so we left. Arriving home we discovered that a big branch from our neighbor’s tree had fallen onto our driveway! If we had not left, our car would have been crushed! We are glad to be blessed when we follow the prophet.

Illustration by Sherry Meidel