I Can Be Reverent

Instructions: Color these two pages, and mount them on heavy paper. Cut out the picture pages on the broken lines. Punch holes along the sides of the pages as marked. Place the picture pages on top of each other in order, with the title page on top. Line up the holes, and tie your book together with ribbon or yarn.

I Can Be Reverent pictures, left page(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Elise Black

I Can Be Reverent

I can be reverent, from my head 1

to my toes. 2

When I walk, I step quietly as I go. 3

I Can Be Reverent pictures, right page(click to view larger)

When I speak, words come softly, 4

not loud and bold. 5

When I listen, 6

lips stay shut 7

and my arms I fold. 8

When I pray, my head bows 9

and my eyes are closed. 10

I can be reverent, from my head 11

to my toes. 12