Something Is Outside My Window

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive (Matthew 21:22).

1. One winter night Alaura awoke from a bad dream.

2. She looked out the window that was next to her bed. Something was moving back and forth, scratching the window. She was scared and began to cry.

3. Her dad heard her crying. He came and knelt beside her bed. “I had a bad dream, and there’s something scary scratching my window,” Alaura said.

4. “What you are hearing is only tree branches swaying in the wind,” Dad said. “There is nothing scary.” Alaura was still afraid and couldn’t stop crying.

5. “Heavenly Father is watching over you. Why don’t you say a prayer asking Him for help?” Dad said.

6. Alaura knelt beside her bed and prayed to Heavenly Father. She told Him how frightened she was. Then she asked Him to help her not be afraid anymore.

7. She felt a very calm feeling. Through the power of the Holy Ghost, Heavenly Father had made her feel safe. She knew He was watching over her. Alaura got back in bed. Dad tucked her in, and she went to sleep.

Illustrations by Elise Black

We Bow Our Heads

Instructions: Glue this page to heavy paper. Cut out the verse and set it aside. Cut out the paper doll parts. Poke small holes in the arms where indicated, and then join the body parts together with brass fasteners or thread. Get the paper doll ready for prayer by folding her arms and bowing her head. Hold the paper doll in front of you as you recite the verse.

paper doll, girl praying(click to view larger)
We bow our heads and close our eyes
And say a little prayer.
We thank our Father graciously
For blessings we all share.

(Children’s Songbook, 25)

Time for Family Prayer

Show each child the correct path to follow so he or she can join the family in family prayer. Then color the picture.

prayer maze(click to view larger)

Illustration by Scott Greer

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