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The Power of Prayer

When I was eight, my orthodontist informed me that I needed to get six teeth pulled to continue the process of getting braces. I was scared. No medication, in my mind, could cover the pain of getting my teeth pulled. My family prayed for me. Surprisingly, with anesthesia and medicine, all I felt was a slight jerk, and the teeth were out. I love the power of prayer. Prayer combats fear and doubt. It upholds faith. Prayer helps all the time, and especially during hard and difficult trials.

Missionary Now

I was so excited when my brother came home from his mission. I had a hard time waiting, but I had fun. I can’t wait to be a missionary. I know I can still be a missionary at school, home, or play. I hope that you go on a mission too.

Nighttime Pondering

I didn’t know yet if the gospel was true when I was about seven and a half years old. I thought that if it was good enough for my parents, then it was good enough for me. One night, as I was pondering my life, my mind focused on thoughts of religion. I wondered if I was in the right one. I remembered Joseph Smith and that he had had the same thoughts. Thinking about this, I decided to follow his example. I got out of bed and began to pray. At first, I had a hard time concentrating on praying because it was pretty cold that night and I wanted to get back into my warm bed. After I finished my prayer, I listened for the Holy Ghost to tell me what to do. Finally, just as I was about to give up, I felt an amazing feeling. It was as if my heart was about to explode with joy! When I am in doubt of the scriptures and am not sure if Heavenly Father is really there, I look back at this time and remember that wonderful night when I first felt the Spirit for myself.

Illustrations by Brad Clark