Kathlyn C., 10, Philippines, likes to sing, play the piano, and attend Primary. Her favorite song is “Love Is Spoken Here.” She sang in the choir at her last ward conference.

Liam S., 7, Manitoba, Canada, enjoys basketball, football, family home evening, praying, and singing. He wants to be a basketball or football player when he grows up. He has fun with his family. When his mom lost her ring, the family prayed, and she found it.

Kirby Rhianne D., 4, Louisiana, enjoys being a Sunbeam. She loves Jesus and has worked hard to learn about Him. She has a younger brother and sister, and is kind to them daily. Kirby likes to sing and dance, and has memorized a scripture.

John A., 8, Utah, has a strong testimony. He says, “I believe in Heavenly Father and know the scriptures are true. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created the world.” John loves his family and his twin brother, Jordan. He likes to ski and play soccer.

Emilee S., 6, Utah, likes animals, dancing, reading, and playing with her friends and brother. She is looking forward to seeing a new temple built near her home. She is thankful that her family can be forever.

Samuel E., 10, Maine, likes to read; play with his miniature schnauzer, Gretchen; ride his bike; and go swimming. He wants to be an inventor when he grows up.

Gillette First Ward

The Primary children of the Gillette First Ward, Gillette Wyoming Stake, participated in a talent show. Some children performed on the stage, and others showed their talents on table displays. At the end of the show, the Primary sang “Scripture Power.”

Drew and Trace T., 7 and 3, Utah, love their family. Drew likes to play baseball. He can’t wait until he is baptized, and he is learning what it means to be a child of God. His favorite Primary song is “Follow the Prophet.” Trace likes to play dinosaurs and lasso his toy horse. He enjoys going to Idaho to visit his grandparents.

Rebecca N., 6, California, likes to read and dress up like a princess. She enjoys her Primary class. Since she was two, she has taken her family’s tithing envelope to the bishop. She likes having that responsibility.

Justin V., 5, Manitoba, Canada, likes to work with his dad, especially shoveling snow. He also likes to make igloos in the winter. His favorite food is Chinese food.

Alexis R., 10, Arizona, is a sweet girl who likes to sing; spend time with her family; and take care of her guinea pig, Squeakers. She bears her testimony often and is a good example to those around her.

Joel, Landon, and Allison H., 5, 8, and 1, North Carolina, are thankful to be Latter-day Saints. They enjoy going to church and learning about the scriptures. They like playing outside with each other and their friends. Landon likes to read and has won awards for it. Joel and Allison like having stories read to them. They all enjoy camping and swimming when they visit their relatives in Utah.

Swainsboro Branch

The residents of an assisted-living home enjoyed a visit from the children of the Swainsboro Branch, Augusta Georgia Stake. Rhys L., 3; Kristin S., 5; Jake S., 12; and Trent S., 8, made bookmarks for the residents. After giving out the bookmarks, the children sang “I Am a Child of God.”

Vista Fifth Ward

Children of the Vista Fifth Ward Primary, Vista California Stake, gathered for a “Get to Know You” activity. The ward had recently changed boundaries, and the activity focused on helping the children make new friends and learn more about each other. As part of the 2007 Primary theme, “I’ll Follow Him in Faith,” the children traced their footprints in their favorite color.