Trying to Be Like Jesus

By Christie D.

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

Christmas Helper

Creg W., age 3, Utah, with help from his mom

After reading “Kenny’s Christmas” in the December 2005 Friend, I felt sad that some children don’t get any toys for Christmas. I asked my mom if I could use the money I had been saving to buy a toy for a child who wouldn’t have any presents to open on Christmas morning.

We went to the store, and I bought some toys to put in the big box the store had to collect presents for children who wouldn’t get any. I felt really good that I had helped a child have a good Christmas, and I know that I followed Jesus Christ’s example.

Trash-Can Service

Anne and Emily F., ages 8 and 6, Tennesse

On the Sunday before Christmas, we came home from church and one of the dogs in our neighborhood was ripping up our neighbor’s trash bags and chewing on the trash. My sister Emily and I scared the dog away, and then we cleaned up the trash without being asked. We were glad we cleaned up the trash because it would have been everywhere in the wind! We both felt good inside afterward because we did the right thing and served our neighbors.

Comforting My Teacher

Austin L., age 9, Arizona

Jesus taught us to “mourn with those that mourn.” I didn’t know what that meant until my Primary teacher’s husband died. I felt so sad inside for her, and I wanted to help her feel better. I wrote her a letter and painted her a picture of a Christmas tree with presents. When I went to the funeral I hugged her and cried. I now know what Jesus meant when He said to comfort others.

Saying No to Tea

Madelyn Kathryn C., age 6, Oregon, with help from her mom

My school friend invited me to her birthday party. It was fun. We played games and dressed up like princesses. When it was time for dessert, we all gathered around the table for beautifully decorated cupcakes. As I was eating my cupcake, I was offered tea to drink. All the other girls were drinking tea in fancy little cups, but I knew it was wrong to drink it. I said, “No, thank you. I do not drink tea.” I felt good inside for keeping the commandments.

Sharing Christmas Candy

Jimmy D., age 6, Georgia

Jimmy and his mom were shopping in an outdoor mall during the Christmas season. It was very cold, and they saw some high school students playing holiday songs. They played a few for Jimmy. As Jimmy and his mom walked away, he said they needed to give the students something. They went to their car and Jimmy got all the candy he had just received at his school Christmas party. He went back to the students and gave them all of his candy.

Illustrations by Brad Teare