Christian and Victoria H., 10 and 6, Nevada, are brother and sister. Christian is on the honor roll and is the fifth-grade representative at school. He is learning how to fence. His favorite part of Primary is sharing time, and his favorite scripture story is Lehi’s dream. Victoria enjoys drawing and coloring pictures of her family. She is learning to play the piano. She likes butterflies, singing songs, and leading the music for family home evening.

Sean A., 11, Virginia, likes to help his dad, who is the Young Men president in his ward. He is looking forward to holding the priesthood.

Maryann D., 6, California, enjoys music, her family, cheering for her opponents in soccer and T-ball, and inviting friends to church. Her smile brightens up her home.

Kyson and Tayri T., 7 and 5, Michigan, lived on the island of Grenada before moving to the place they live now. Kyson likes catching bugs, creating art projects, and playing soccer. He has started to read the scriptures. Tayri enjoys dancing, playing with her baby sister and dolls, and singing Primary songs.

Temecula California Stake

Nearly 300 Primary children from the Temecula California Stake (above) gathered with their parents for a special meeting about the Savior. They learned more about how to follow Him in faith. The children accepted a challenge to read the four gospels of the New Testament before the end of the year.

Gilbert Ninth Ward

The Gilbert Ninth Ward Primary, Val Vista Arizona Stake (right), had an activity day where they did several projects for the Humanitarian Center. They knitted hats, tied quilts, assembled hygiene kits, washed dolls, stuffed soft toys, and colored alphabet books. Many of the children thought it was one of the best activity days they had ever been to.

Rivergrove Second Ward

In the Rivergrove Second Ward, Provo Utah Central Stake, the Primary children have learned about faith and how to develop it. They enjoyed planting seeds and comparing them to faith. They learned that the Prophet Joseph Smith had faith to pray and restore the Church. They played a game that helped them remember that reading the scriptures and following the prophet strengthen their faith.

London Dior H., 7, Colorado, likes drawing and playing princess. She is good at math and taking her turn reading the Book of Mormon with her family. She feels blessed to have three older brothers and three older sisters. She is looking forward to being baptized.

Daniel W., 3, Utah, has three brothers and one sister. He enjoys playing outside and in the water. Daniel likes to go to nursery and play with his friends. He loves when his baby brother smiles at him.

Taylor G., 11, Virginia, enjoys dancing, cheering, and soccer. She is great at inviting friends to go to church with her so they can learn about Jesus. She also tries to set an example for her dad, hoping that one day he will join the Church.

William B., 5, Maine, gives his two younger sisters rides on his toy dune buggy. He likes to help his dad work on the family cars and take care of the yard. He wants to be a rock climber when he grows up. His favorite song is “I Know My Father Lives.”

Calli H., 5, Oregon, has three older brothers. She likes to sing Primary songs. She enjoys swimming, camping, playing soccer, and meeting new friends at church. She is learning to read the scriptures.

Crestview First Ward

The Primary children of the Crestview First Ward, Fort Walton Beach Florida Stake (above), set a goal at the beginning of 2007 to bring their scriptures to church every Sunday. They reached their goal and ended the year with a scripture stories movie night activity.

Eagle Seventh Ward

The Primary children in the Eagle Seventh Ward, Eagle Idaho Stake (right), put together more than 650 craft kits and donated craft supplies to the local children’s hospital. They also made a “Get Well Soon” poster to hang in the hospital playroom.

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