1. Read “Looking on the Heart” (pp. 46–47). Ask family members why they think Adam thought people didn’t like him. Do we sometimes judge ourselves more than others judge us? Give each family member items they can use to make valentines for one another.

  2. Read and answer the questions from “The Law of Tithing” (p. 31). After all of the questions have been answered, practice paying tithing. Talk about how tithing is usually paid with money, but for your family to practice, you will “pay” with other items. Give each family member a handful of chocolate chips, nuts, or other small food item. Have everyone set aside one-tenth of their items. After everybody has paid their “tithing,” use the remainder of the food to have a treat.

  3. Have family members choose their favorite poems or drawings from “Our Creative Friends” (pp. 22–23). Ask them to talk about why they like what they chose. Ask each family member to create a poem or drawing, then show or read them to each other.

  4. Read “I Can Be a Missionary Now” (pp. 10–11). Make a list with your family of some of the people you would like to invite to church. Decide on one person or family. Talk about when and how to invite them. Set a goal to invite this person or family by a certain date.