Daddy’s Sunshine

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21).

Emily was playing with blocks when her dad slowly walked through the front door, dropped his briefcase on the floor, walked up the stairs, and sat on his bed.

I think your daddy had a hard day. I’ll go see what is wrong after I answer the phone.

Emily knew her dad’s job was hard sometimes. She didn’t want her dad to be unhappy. Because Mom is busy and can’t help Dad right now, I will.

Emily went upstairs and quietly peeked into her parents’ bedroom. She saw Dad sitting on the edge of the bed with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. Emily remembered the words to the Primary song she sang on Sunday: “Jesus said love everyone; treat them kindly too.”

As Emily thought about the song, an idea came to her mind. She ran to her bedroom and began to hunt through her toy box. She set aside the dolls, cars, and smooth rocks until she found her favorite thing in the whole world—a beautiful red princess ring.

Emily rushed back into her parents’ room. Hi, sweetie, what’s up? Dad, I know you are sad right now. I want to give you my red princess ring. It always makes me feel better.

Emily climbed on Dad’s lap and dropped the ring into his hand. Emily, are you sure? I know this is your favorite ring. I’m sure. I want you to be happy. You make me very happy. You are my sunshine.

Emily felt warm all over as Dad gave her a big hug. She had helped Dad be happy, and that was worth all the rings in the world.

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

Faith Is like a Seed

1. My faith is like a tiny seed
(Hold thumb and index finger close together.)
2. That is hard for me to see.
(Make circles around eyes with thumbs and index fingers.)
3. But when I read the scriptures
(Open hands in front of self.)
4. Faith grows inside of me.
(Put both hands on chest.)
5. And when I say a prayer
(Fold arms.)
6. I feel it in my heart.
(Put hand on heart.)
7. My seed of faith becomes a tree
(Put hands together above head.)
8. When I do my part.
(Point thumb at self.)

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

A Day to Choose the Right

1. I wake up early to start my day with so many things to do.
2. I put on my clothes and brush my hair, like my mommy asked me to.
3. I help my daddy with outside chores as I rake leaves in the yard.
4. I play with my sister all afternoon, even though sharing is sometimes hard.
5. As nighttime comes, it’s time for bed. Daddy reads stories I enjoy.
6. Mommy gently kisses the top of my head and tells me I’ve been a good boy.
7. I peek out my window to see the moon and whisper a quiet good night.
8. As I say a prayer, I’m thankful this day I remembered to choose the right.

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley