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Illustrations by Elise Black

Catch Me!

Taylor H., age 7, Pennsylvania

Once I was helping my mom with laundry in the basement. My brothers and sister were coming down the stairs. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs when my sister started to fall! Somehow I was able to catch her by grabbing her shirt with one hand. I think that was a miracle because the Holy Ghost helped me know where to stand and gave me strength to catch her, even though I was only three and she was two.

Song of the Heart

Whitley J., age 8, Arizona

A few months before my baptism, I went to the baptism of two of my friends. Both of them sang a song during their baptism service. When we got home, my mom suggested I write down my feelings about being baptized, since I write a lot of songs. I went into my room and wrote down a few thoughts. My mom said what I had written was very special, and that we should have my grandma put my words to music. So we did. A few months later, at my own baptism I sang the song I had written. I was really nervous, but I felt the Spirit help me. I’m really glad to have my very own baptism song!

Temple Trip

Bonnie T., age 7, Illinois

One day, my aunt babysat me in the waiting room when my parents were in the Chicago Temple. When they were finished, I asked my mom, “Did your heart feel good when you came into the temple?”

My mom said, “Yes. Did yours?” I said yes. I know temples are Heavenly Father’s house.