Sand Creek Second Ward

Primary children in the Sand Creek Second Ward, Idaho Falls Lincoln Stake, pretended to take a journey to the promised land. They dressed up like Nephi and his family, and built and decorated cardboard boats.

Mikell S., Utah; Jamie P., Nevada; Brandon P., Utah; Amy D., Utah; and Brooklyn B., Utah, are eight-year-old cousins who were baptized on the same day. They were also blessed on the same day when they were babies.

Parkwood Ward

The Primary of the Parkwood Ward, Austin Texas Oak Hills Stake, had a mini-MTC activity. The children wore missionary name tags and made piggy banks. They also sang “Called to Serve” and learned to tie a tie, iron a shirt, and say “I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” in seven languages.

Moria and Caleb H., 5 and 4, Vermont, are best friends and love each other very much. When they are separated, they miss each other and can’t wait to get back together again. They like singing Primary songs together.

Avery B., 7, Manitoba, Canada, is the oldest of four siblings and has twin sisters. She likes playing with her doll Sally and helping her mom. Avery likes it when her family pretends to be superheroes. She enjoys reading the Book of Mormon.

Jax C., 5, Virginia, likes to read Book of Mormon stories about strong good guys like the stripling soldiers and Moroni. He enjoys seeing his friends in Primary and hums songs at home, even though he is too shy to sing in sacrament meeting.

Elizabeth D., 6, Idaho, is a good example to her little sister Kate. She likes playing with Kate and giving her piggyback rides. She enjoys Primary and giving her mommy and daddy hugs and kisses.

Cory W., 7, Utah, is excited to be baptized. He enjoys sports, reading about animals, and playing the piano. He keeps a picture of the stripling soldiers in his room to remind him to be like them.

Buena Vista Virginia Stake

Cub Scouts in the Buena Vista Virginia Stake attended a four-day Cub Scout day camp with their friends. Twenty of the boys who went are from three wards and one branch in the stake.

Mallory P., Jayla T., Makayla B., Tessa W., and Halle H., 5, 4, 4, 6, and 5, are members of the Twin Falls Idaho 12th Ward Primary, Twin Falls Idaho Stake. They are also in the same dance class. This picture was taken before their Primary talent show. They are all trying to follow Jesus Christ in faith.

Gridley First Ward

The Primary children of the Gridley First Ward, Gridley California Stake, had an activity where they played games about faith and learned how to follow Jesus. Each child received a T-shirt to remember to “follow Him in faith.”

Chloe J., 8, Maine, likes to eat shrimp and pepperoni pizza. She enjoyed her baptism. She likes going to the beach and wants to be a writer or movie director someday. Her favorite song is “Follow the Prophet.”