Living Room Baptism

Caleb H., age 8, Alaska

I live in a village that has only one other family who are members of the Church. We take turns meeting at each other’s homes for church meetings. I turned eight years old in the winter, but because we do not have a baptismal font and all of the lakes are frozen solid, I was baptized in an inflatable swimming pool in my living room. The branch president and the district president flew in to help. I am glad I could be baptized so I can follow Jesus’s plan for me.

I Wasn’t Nervous

Maddie G., age 9, Oklahoma

Last year, the Primary chorister in my ward asked me if I would play one of the songs in the Primary sacrament meeting program. I was very nervous because I had never played in front of a lot of people before. I prayed to not be nervous. When the day of the program came, I played my song and it was very pretty. I am grateful that Heavenly Father answered my prayer and helped me to not be nervous.

Title of Liberty

Lilian P., age 7, Utah

When I was six years old, I had a great time doing this family home evening. We learned about Moroni and the title of liberty. I found out that it represents obeying God. My family made a title of liberty. It is important to learn the ways of God when we are young so we can be ready for the challenges that await us when we are older. I believe in God, and I hope you do too. I enjoyed doing this family home evening lesson, and I think you should do it too.

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Photograph by John Luke