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God Sent Us Here

God hath sent His Son to give,
God hath sent His Son to live.
God has sent me to my happy home on earth
And has watched me since my birth.
We learn to live, we learn to give,
Just like Jesus did.

Thomas G., age 10, Utah


Eagles soar above the sapphire sky,
Perfect in an everlasting spring.
The flowers of a garden of love
Grow to the height of possibilities.
Every moment passing too soon,
Each heartbeat pounding like drums.
The bee’s hum, the waterfall’s hiss—
Making music in harmony.
The sun’s light shines through the treetops;
Each ray of joy sparks a little hope.
The moon’s glimmer on the shining lake
Reflects a little bit of faith.
The magic in the air fills me up.
This is the paradise of all dreams.
Bringing tranquility and peace
For us, forever and ever.

Alicia G., age 11, Oregon

Heavenly Father’s Blessings

Heavenly Father created this earth,
Helping me by giving me birth.
I am thankful for the life He gave me,
He also let me see.
Please believe me,
He lets us be free.
He led us with His hand,
He is a wonderful Man!
I will obey God’s commands,
I will do the best I can.
He will lead us with His hand
To a beautiful land.

Bogue D., age 8, North Carolina


Eternal Covenants
Enter His House
Serve Others

Kara M., age 9, Idaho

Peter B., age 11, Oregon

Joseph G., age 5, Kansas

Ashley W., age 8, Washington

Jaela M., age 7, Arizona

Mia S., age 8, Colorado

Keely V., age 10, Wyoming

Logan L., age 9, Georgia

Mason B., age 9, Florida

Abigail J., age 6, Texas

Hannah F., age 4, Nevada

Alex K., age 9, California

Jacob D., age 10, Ohio

Joel J., age 9, Kansas

Jacob L., age 9, Illinois