Talya’s Kindness

I want to be kind to ev’ryone, for that is right, you see (Children’s Songbook, 145).

1. Talya sat in the back of the Primary room and watched the other children prepare for their program next Sunday. Because she was only visiting her grandma for a week, she was not going to be in the Primary program.

2. Talya liked watching the other boys and girls practice their scriptures and talks.

3. One little girl, Rachel, stepped to the microphone. She stood there silently. She could not remember what to say.

4. Rachel burst into tears. She was scared to stand and speak in front of so many children.

5. Talya knew Rachel needed a friend. Even though she did not know Rachel very well, Talya went to the front of the room and gave her a big hug.

6. After Primary, Talya told her grandma about Rachel. “Is Rachel one of your friends?” Grandma asked.

7. “No, but she looked so sad,” Talya said. “I wanted to help her feel better.”

8. Grandma gave Talya a big hug and a smile. “I’m glad you could help Rachel,” she said.

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

Jesus Christ Blesses the Children

Jesus told the Nephites to bring their little children to Him. Then Jesus prayed to Heavenly Father. The prayer filled the Nephites with joy. After He prayed, Jesus told the Nephites they would be blessed because of their faith. Jesus felt so much love and happiness that He wept. Then Jesus took the children and blessed each of them. He prayed for them to Heavenly Father. Jesus told the Nephites to look at their children. As the Nephites watched, angels came down from heaven and stood in a circle around the children. The children and the angels were surrounded by fire.

Behold Your Little Ones © Gary Kapp / Illustrations by Elise Black

I Can Help My Family Be Happy

When we share with and serve family members, our families can be happy. When we fight or yell, our families are not happy.

Look at the pictures on this page. In the circle next to each picture, draw a happy face if the child is doing something to make the family happy, or draw a sad face if the child is doing something that doesn’t make the family happy.

I Can Help My Family Be Happy(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Elise Black