Friend on the Go

Rebekah A., age 6, Virginia, with help from her mom

One day when we were relaxing at home, I found one of my favorite issues of the Friend and took it “on the go.” I read it on the trampoline, during our backyard picnic, and during our quiet time. I also read it to my sisters. My favorite sections are Matt and Mandy and Trying to Be Like Jesus.

My Brother Is My Best Friend

Boston B., age 8, Texas

My big brother has autism. It is hard for him to talk and make friends, but he is my very best friend. I take care of him when we ride the bus to school, and I make sure he doesn’t get lost when we are away from home. I help him find his class in Primary and pray for him every night.

I have faith that one day he will be able to tell me what he has been thinking all this time. He will smile and tell me I am his best friend too. I am so lucky to be his brother. I love him.

Learning from Family Home Evening

McKenna R., age 4, Japan, with help from her mom

My family and I learn more about the gospel when we have family home evening. We just finished learning the Articles of Faith. I now have all 13 memorized. I even sang some of them at our ward talent show.

Our family also learned about bearing our testimonies in family home evening. I now bear my testimony all by myself. I am glad I can be a good example to my family and others.

We want to know where you take the Friend. Do you take it to the beach? On camping trips? To baseball games? The next time you go somewhere fun, take the Friend with you. Send us a picture of you and the Friend and tell us about where you went. Your photo could be selected to be featured in the Friend. See page 49 for submission information. Submissions must be received by August 31, 2009.