How Many People Can We Help?

From an address given to the Coalition for Utah’s Future, Common Good Awards Luncheon, Oct. 25, 2000.

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President Monson says that many people in the world need help. He says Heavenly Father wants us to notice them and see how many we can help.

How Many People Can We Help?

When we have eyes that see and ears that hear and hearts that know and feel, we will recognize needs of our fellow beings who cry out for help.

How do they eat—without food? How do they keep warm—without clothing? without shelter? How do they live—without means? How do they get well—without doctors, medicines, and hospitals?

I believe that when we face our Maker, we will be asked, “How many people did you help?”

Match each person who needs help with some things that person might need.

How Many People Can We Help?(click to view larger)

People Who Need Help

Things People Need

Helping Close to Home

No matter how old you are, you can do a lot to help the people you know. You can comfort your brother or sister when he or she is upset. You can invite someone to play who feels left out, or you can help your parents without being asked. Small ways of helping really add up!

President Monson and the Great Depression

President Thomas S. Monson was born in 1927. When he was two years old, the Great Depression began. Many people had trouble finding jobs. It was hard for them to earn enough money to buy food. Some of President Monson’s friends didn’t have warm clothes in the winter or enough food to eat.

During the Great Depression, lots of men traveled across the United States on trains looking for jobs. President Monson’s home was near the train tracks. Sometimes men would get off the train and knock on the back door of the Monsons’ home to ask for food. President Monson’s mother would always give them something to eat. She would also send her son to take a plate of hot food to a poor neighbor.

The Great Depression ended in 1939, when President Monson was 12 years old.

Did You Know?

Just as President Monson’s mother helped people in need many years ago, children and adults today can help people by giving the Church humanitarian aid donations. You can put your donation in the same envelope as the tithing envelope you give to your bishop or branch president. This money helps people all around the world. In 2007 the Church gave aid to about four million people in 85 countries. Here are some ways the Church helped:

Emergency supplies—45 countries

Earthquake help—5 countries

Flood and storm help—34 countries

Fire help—6 countries

Clean water—25 countries

Wheelchairs—60 countries

Eyeglasses—11 countries

Measles immunizations for children—10 countries

Training to help doctors and nurses care for sick newborn babies—23 countries

Illustrations by Adam Koford; photograph of President Monson by Craig Dimond