A Sweet Melodee

Love one another as Jesus loves you (Children’s Songbook, 78–79).

Jordan is two. Melodee is four.

One day little Jordan ran into the door.


It is OK, Jordan. You don’t need to cry.

Sit here in my lap, and I will wipe your eyes.


You should now go rest, after that big smack.

You’re too upset to walk? Then, climb onto my back.

Wow, you are heavy. But I don’t even mind.

I’ll sing “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,” and so I will be kind.

Illustrations by Brad Teare

Jesus Christ Is Baptized

Jesus Christ Is Baptized(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Brad Teare / John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus © Greg K. Olsen — do not copy

John the Baptist lived in the desert for many years. He wore clothing made of the hair of a camel, and he ate honey and locusts. People came from the city of Jerusalem to hear John the Baptist teach about Jesus. One day when John the Baptist was baptizing people in the Jordan River, Jesus came to him. Jesus asked John the Baptist to baptize Him. John the Baptist knew that Jesus already obeyed all of the commandments. He thought Jesus didn’t need to be baptized. But Heavenly Father had commanded everyone to be baptized, so Jesus told John the Baptist to baptize Him. When Jesus came up out of the water, the Holy Ghost came upon Him like a dove. Heavenly Father spoke from heaven. He said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” John the Baptist also testified that Jesus was the Son of God.

Daddy Is Home

I look outside the window,
And then look at the clock.
“It’s nearly time,” Mom says,
So I put away my blocks.
I clean up all the toys
That are scattered on the floor.
I comb my hair and wash my face
And stand behind the door.
I listen very carefully,
’Til footsteps I can hear,
The door opens a little bit
And shiny shoes appear.
The footsteps stop. I hear a voice.
It’s deep and happy too.
“I’m home, my son!” my daddy says,
“And glad to be with you.”

Illustrations by Brad Teare