An Answered Prayer

Joe Z., age 11, Georgia

Once my dad tried to turn our car on, but it would not start. He tried three times, but nothing happened. After my dad checked the motor, he asked me to pray. After I said a prayer, the car started. Heavenly Father answered my prayer.

Speaking Skills

Cameron J., age 9, Arizona

Even though I had been attending a preschool for three years to help me with my speech problems, when I started kindergarten, my family, friends, and schoolteachers still had a hard time understanding what I was saying. My parents were concerned. My family fasted for me, and my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. My speech didn’t improve overnight, but by the middle of the school year my teacher, my family, and my friends could understand me better. Heavenly Father blessed me and the people who worked with me. I could finally bear my testimony. I still have to take speech classes and work hard, but I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.

Family History Help

Jillian N., age 11, Oregon

One day I was helping my mom do family history work. We were looking at some old documents that were hard to read. When we came to one name that we could not completely read, we decided to take a break. My mom asked me to keep thinking about what the name might be. Later, I was sitting with my little sister when the name came to me—Reba! When I told my mom, we checked the records and found out I was right. My mom told me that the Holy Ghost helped me identify the name. I am glad that I can listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Learning about Baptism

Sara M., age 7, Ohio

I am going to be baptized soon. I was nervous, but I have been praying about it and I feel better now. I am reading about being baptized and confirmed and learning more about baptismal covenants every day. I am glad I will be a member of the Church, and I know it is true.

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Illustration by Adam Koford