Alexander Gets a Blessing

Mine is a home where ev’ry hour is blessed by the strength of priesthood pow’r (Children’s Songbook, 190–91).

1. Alexander’s breathing sounds funny. What’s wrong?

I’m not sure. Before Daddy goes to work, we’ll ask him to check Alexander.

2. Dad walked into the room wearing his doctor’s coat. Because Dad was a doctor, he was often able to help Kiersty and her baby brother feel better.

3. Dad checked Alexander.

Kiersty, you’ll need to come to the hospital with Mommy and Alexander so we can take some X-rays.

OK. But are you going to give him a blessing first?

Of course, Sweetie.

4. Kiersty knew that because Dad held the priesthood, he could give people blessings to help them. She closed her eyes and folded her arms as Dad placed his hands on Alexander’s head and gave him a blessing.

5. After the blessing, the family got into the car to go to the hospital. Kiersty sat in the backseat beside Alexander. She hoped he would start to feel better.

6. At the hospital, Dad and another doctor took Alexander to a special room. Mom and Kiersty sat and waited in big blue chairs. Kiersty looked at a book.

7. A little while later, Kiersty saw a doctor carrying Alexander as he walked down the hallway toward them. Dad walked with him.

Is this your brother?


He is just fine.

8. The blessing worked. We need to thank Heavenly Father.

You are right, Kiersty.

Illustrations by Elise Black

Jesus Christ Chooses His Apostles

One day Jesus taught people while standing on a boat near the shore. The boat belonged to a man named Peter. Peter and his friends had fished all night, but they didn’t catch any fish. After Jesus finished teaching, He told Peter to take the boat into deep water. Then He told Peter and his friends to put their fishing nets in the water. They caught so many fish that their nets began to break. Peter and his friends were amazed. They knew that Jesus made this happen. Peter knelt by the feet of Jesus. Peter said he was not worthy to be near Jesus. Jesus told Peter not to be afraid. Two friends of Peter were brothers. Their names were James and John. Jesus told Peter, James, and John that He would make them fishers of men. Jesus chose Peter, James, and John and nine more men to be leaders of His Church. Jesus gave the 12 men the priesthood, and they became the 12 Apostles.

Jesus Preaching in a Ship by James Tissot; illlustrations by Mark Robison

Visiting Temple Grounds

This family is looking at the clouds after taking a walk around the temple. What kinds of things do they see in the clouds?

Visiting Temple Grounds(click to view larger)

Illlustrations by Mark Robison