Just Like the Bishop

Has he not set a good example for thee? (Alma 39:1).

1. Bobby knocked on his sister Alicia’s door. “Will you help me button my white shirt? I want to look just like the bishop.” Alicia smiled as she helped him. “You will look just like the bishop,” she said.

2. Bobby went to his brother Chris. “Will you help me tie my tie? I want to look just like the bishop.” Chris tied Bobby’s tie and said, “You will look just like the bishop.”

3. Bobby saw his sister Sarah fixing Laura’s hair. “Will you help me tie my brown shoes?” Bobby asked. “I want to look just like the bishop.” Sarah tied his shoes. “You will look just like the bishop,” she said.

4. “Don’t forget your suit coat,” Laura said. She helped him put his arms in the sleeves of the coat. “You will look just like the bishop.”

5. Bobby saw Mom looking in the mirror. “Mom, will you comb my hair? I want to look just like the bishop.” Mom sprayed Bobby’s hair with water and combed it. “You will look just like the bishop.”

6. Bobby stood at the front door. “Are we ready to go?” Bobby asked. “I want to be on time, just like the bishop.” “Don’t forget your scriptures,” Dad said. “You will need them to look like the bishop.”

7. Bobby picked up his scriptures. “Am I ready?” he asked. “You look just like the bishop,” Dad said.

8. At church, Bobby sat reverently as he waited for sacrament meeting to start. Then he saw a hand stretched out in front of him. It was the bishop! The bishop shook Bobby’s hand. “Is that you, Bobby?” the bishop asked. “I thought it was me!”

Illustrations by Elise Black

Jesus Feeds 5,000 People

Jesus Feeds 5,000 People(click to view larger)

The Sermon on the Mount by Harry Anderson, © IRI / illustrations by Elise Black

Jesus went to a place near the water. More than 5,000 people followed Jesus there. They wanted Jesus to teach them. Jesus taught them many things. When it was time to eat, most of the people did not have food. The disciples told Jesus He should send the people to the nearby village to buy bread. Jesus asked the disciples to see if anyone had food. One boy had five loaves of bread and two small fish. Jesus told all the people to sit. He blessed the bread and the fish and broke it into pieces. The disciples gave the fish and bread to the people. Because of the miracle Jesus performed as He blessed the fish and bread, there was enough for everyone.

Getting Ready for Church

Tomorrow is Sunday, and Alexandra needs to begin getting ready for church. Several items in her room will help her keep the Sabbath day holy by being prepared for church.

Circle the following items to help Alexandra find them: a towel, soap, shampoo, a hair bow, a hair brush, a necklace, a shirt, a skirt, shoes, socks, a sweater, a tithing slip, and scriptures.

Getting Ready for Church hidden picture(click to view larger)

Illustration by Elise Black