The Song that Comforted Me

Sean D., age 6, Virginia

One day I went to the dentist because I had to get a cavity filled. I was nervous because I thought it would hurt. When the dentist started working on my tooth, I sang “I Am a Child of God” in my mind. I felt comforted and wasn’t scared anymore. I like Primary songs because they help me feel better when I am scared.

Prayer Changed My Day

Benjamin A., age 4, Western Australia, Australia, with help from his mom

One day, I was not very happy. My throat hurt, I was angry, and I wasn’t making very good choices. At breakfast, I yelled at my mom. She sent me to my bedroom to calm down.

I was sad and angry, but then I had a good idea about what I could do to feel better. I folded my arms, bowed my head, and said a prayer. My angry feelings left, and I started to feel happy inside. When I came out of my bedroom, I told my mom I was sorry and was going to make good choices for the rest of the day.

A Blessing for Mom

Aubrey P., age 9, Utah

When my mom was pregnant, she found out that she had cancer. It was hard for my family because we were afraid that she and the baby might die.

My dad gave my mom a priesthood blessing, and my family and I prayed that Mom and the baby would be OK. My mom is now much better, and my baby brother is as healthy as can be.

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Illustration by Adam Koford