Read with my family
It teaches us from prophets long ago
Plates of gold
The prophets’ words
Understand what they say
Remind me what is right
Eternal principles
Scriptures help me learn the gospel

Tyler R., age 8, Arizona

Watching Over All

God never knows too much.
In fact, He knows all things.
He knows how to speak Dutch,
To the parting of the seas.
He watches all our actions
From the heavens up above,
And looks over us
With kindness and love.
So control your thoughts;
He can hear those too.
And when it comes to chore time,
Do them with a happy mood.

Ben W., age 11, California

Night, Night

Night, oh night, the happiest sight.
It is so dark, though you have a bright light.
And you must let it shine.
This light of mine
Is going to shine.
Set an example and you will see
You have made friends for eternity.

Kailie D., age 8, Georgia

A Tiny Seed

When the sun comes out and the roosters crow,
The tiny seed is ready to grow.
A tiny stem out of the soil,
It looks like it is ready to boil.
In a pot in the yard
It grows, grows, and grows;
And when it is fully grown, you’re finished.

Braelyn H., age 9, Texas

Joseph Smith Jr.

Joseph Smith lived through trial and tribulation,
On many accounts, received revelation.
Such a good man, admired by his peers,
Each revelation, first one at 14 years.
Preaching with such honesty,
How could anyone forget thee?
Such toil and strife,
Much for him and his wife.
I remember his suffering at an early age,
Though he translated the Book of Mormon page by page.
He showed much virtue, even in a cage.
Joseph, I will remember thee,
Righteous man, like no man can be.

Jessica C., age 10, England


You go to sleep
And it comes.
It comes.
It comes.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
It crashes
And it wakes you up.

London R., age 3, Utah

Gabe C., age 5, Colorado

Austin B., age 10, Utah

Ethan R., age 4, Philippines

Torsten D., age 7, Idaho

Leslie B., age 8, Georgia

Savanna N., age 9, Connecticut

Sage A., age 7, Utah

Kayla B., age 8, Montana

Mykelti H., age 7, Wyoming

Lucas W., age 8, Washington

Stephanie D., age 10, Scotland

Seth C., age 10, Oklahoma

Grant R., age 7, Arkansas

Niharika S., age 12, India

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