At school you have lots of decisions about what to say and how to act. See if you can get through a day at school without making any detours.

• Cut out or make a copy of the paragraphs on page 25, glue them to colored paper, and cut them into cards. You will need a bean or coin for each player to use as a marker, a set of scriptures, and a die. • Place the cards face down in the middle of the playing board. Let the youngest player go first by rolling a die and moving that number of squares. • When someone lands on a “Time to Decide” square, have someone choose a card and read it out loud. With the other players, think of how you think Jesus would want you to act. • When someone lands on a square with a scripture on it, look up the scripture and have someone read it. Tell the group how you think that scripture could help you make good decisions at school.

School Wise game School Wise game

Illustrations by Brad Teare

Time for School!


Library Time!

Read a book. Skip next detour.

James 4:11

Time to Decide

Matthew 7:12


Help a friend with homework. Skip next detour.

Time to Decide

2 Nephi 32:5


Help a friend during recess. Skip next detour.


Thirteenth article of faith


Finish lab experiment early. Skip next detour.

Time for Science!

Time to Decide

Time for Math!

Alma 37:37

D&C 19:38

Lunch Time!

Share your lunch. Skip next detour.

Zechariah 8:16

Time to Decide

1 Chronicles 22:13

Time to Decide


You win the spelling bee! Move forward 4 spaces.

Ephesians 4:32

Time to Decide

Time to Decide

School’s Out!

Math test! You didn’t mean to look, but you accidentally saw the paper of the girl in front of you. One of your answers is different than hers, and she’s the best math student in the class.

What to say? A lot of kids at school are using some words they have heard on TV. You don’t think they are swear words, but you know they are rude. You think maybe it would be OK to use them too.

Recess! A boy asks if he can play kickball with you and your friends. He doesn’t have many friends, and some kids say he talks funny. Your friend says there isn’t room for any more players on your team.

Lonely lunch. You get your lunch and sit down to wait for your best friend. Then your friend walks by and sits with someone else instead. After school, your friend asks to walk home together.

Boring! Your teacher is at the chalkboard explaining something you already know. Your cell phone is in your desk. You could quietly send a message to your friend who is in another class.

New girl. Your friend has started a club where only certain people can play together at recess. You see a new girl in your class standing by herself on the playground.

Oh no—spelling bee! Spelling is really hard for you. Today there is a class spelling bee, and you’re really nervous. You wonder how you can have the courage to do your best and not worry about what other people think.

Help! Homework! Your teacher just gave you a worksheet to do at home tonight. You want to play soccer after school. If you put the worksheet in the bottom of your backpack, your mom won’t know you have homework.