The Holy Ghost Is Real

Madeleine B., age 6, Illinois

One Sunday I was reading a story from the December 2007 Friend called “The Holy Ghost Is Real.” While I was reading about the Holy Ghost, tears came to my eyes and I couldn’t stop them. The Holy Ghost helped me to know that He is real.

Looking Forward to the Friend

Jake N., age 12, Missouri

I look forward to the Friend every month because I find the stories interesting and can relate to them. I live in Missouri, and there are not a lot of members of the Church here. I am excited to hear about children who are members of the Church all over the world.

I Love the Friend

Mariah L., age 9, Utah

I love the Friend because it has lots of stories and activities that I like to read and do. One of my favorite things to read is Friends by Mail. One reason I like that page is because it tells how Jesus helps us. When I read Friends by Mail, I see how other people have made good choices when they were faced with hard decisions. This helps me know that I can make good decisions too.

Favorite Story

Paola H., age 7, California

My favorite story in the November 2008 Friend was “Same-Size Service.” I liked it because it shows that it is very kind to help someone have fun when they are not having fun, but you are.

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