Taylor’s Testimony Song

I believe in God
The Eternal Father.
He will teach me, He will guide me, I will follow.
He will teach me the commandments.
He saves us, He leads us, He guides us, He reminds us.
I believe in Jesus Christ
The Eternal Savior.
He knows the truth.
He wants us to know the truth.
He guides us when we don’t know where to go.
I will follow where He tells me to go.

Taylor D., age 5, California

My Little Friends and Me, the Tree

I am a tree in the fall—
A variety of colors, orange, red, yellow, brown—
Tall compared to the small little bushes.
I almost always whisper talking in this manner;
I sometimes get loud
When my little friends are being put under pressure
By the wind,
Digging my roots into the ground,
Making a firm foundation.
I dance with the wind,
My little friends playing the peaceful music,
Whispering the move I should make and I follow.
I start to feel sad
As I lose my little friends that stayed with me
All year long until the fall came.
I am also happy
For a new chance to stand out and make new friends
That will stay until next fall.

Morgan H., age 11, Colorado

Tim’s Choice

When Tim was walking home from school,
Way down upon the ground
He saw a most curious sight:
A wallet, leather-bound.
He picked it up and saw within,
A neatly printed name.
Below it was the address.
Tim thought, “I’ll return it and won’t be blamed.”
But as he journeyed to the house
He saw an ice-cream stand.
Tim was so sorely tempted,
That he bought a five-scoop grand!
However, in his mouth
The ice cream tasted bitter.
For he knew if his mom could see him
She would do much more than titter.
Tim stared down at the wallet of brown
And knew what he must do.
He rushed off to its owner’s house,
Good lady, Mrs. Sue.
He told her everything he’d done
And promised to repay
All of her money that he’d used
On his ice cream that day.

Adrienne H., age 10, Germany

1. Elijah W., age 7, England

2. Alyssa A., age 10, Manitoba, Canada

3. Jacqueline R., age 11, Colorado

4. Drew C., age 11, Nevada

5. Michael L., age 7, Illinois

6. Nathan W., age 7, California

7. Kaycee C., age 7, Utah

8. Kuyo U., age 10, Hawaii

9. Josiah H., age 10, California

10. Emmalee C., age 11, Texas

11. Garrett S., age 6, Utah

12. Alondra P., age 8, Arkansas

13. McKay F., age 7, Idaho

14. Karli W., age 9, Washington