A Priesthood Blessing

Arsenio M., age 6, Japan, with help from his dad

Recently, I had surgery to remove my tonsils. What I remember most about the experience is the blessing that my dad and another worthy priesthood holder gave me in the hospital before my surgery. Before the blessing I was scared, but after the blessing I was brave and my fear went away. I have faith in Heavenly Father and know He uses priesthood blessings to encourage, heal, and strengthen His children.

The Story Helped Me

Courtney B., age 10, Italy

I liked the story “The Yellow Dress” (Nov. 2008) because it made me feel better about giving some of my things away. It also gave me some good scriptures to read.

Amazing Stories in the Friend

Nathan R., age 12, Utah

I liked the Friend story “Buzzing Bees and Baby Birds” (Nov. 2008). I think it is an important lesson to learn when you are young that Heavenly Father always answers our sincere prayers in some way—whether it is immediately or later on. Thank you for publishing the Friend magazine. It always has good stories from the Apostles and Seventies. I like all the amazing stories and activities.

Thanks for Funstuf

Caitlin U., age 10, California

My favorite part of the November 2008 issue of the Friend was decoding the scripture on the Funstuf page. I liked it because it was fun to decode and it included a neat scripture to read. I love the Friend!

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Illustration by Dani Jones