1. Read “Fearless in Sharing the Gospel” (pages 2–3) and Doctrine and Covenants 84:80–81, 83. In what ways does the Lord protect and bless those who share the gospel? Write a letter to someone who is less active or not a member of the Church. Share your testimony with him or her.

  2. Read “Small and Simple Things” (pages 4–5). Talk about natural disasters that could happen where you live. If a disaster were to occur, would you know what to do? As a family, create an evacuation or safety plan. Practice the plan so your family will be prepared in case of an emergency.

  3. Read “My Gratitude List” (pages 6–7). On a piece of paper write “GRRRRR” and on a second paper write “ATTITUDE.” When we are unhappy, how can gratitude help us to be happier? Slide the second paper over the first so that all the letters are covered except “GR.” What word do you read? Talk about how having gratitude can make our bad attitudes go away.

  4. Read “Keep It Up, Jenna!” (pages 18–19). Blow up a balloon a little at a time and stop before it is fully inflated. Like the balloon, if we quit when things get hard, we will not be able to reach our full potential. Finish blowing up the balloon. As a family, share stories of times when you didn’t give up even when things were hard.

  5. Turn to “A Happy Home” (pages 24–25) and read Doctrine and Covenants 109:8. Complete the activity as a family. What things can you do better to make your home a happy place?