What God Has Given Us

Animals, homes, and definitely food,

The Holy Ghost, and warmth too,

The scriptures, church, and many others,

Parents, sisters, and your brothers.

This is a list of what Heavenly Father’s made.

The list will go on, it will never fade.

I thank Heavenly Father for what He’s given, yes I do,

I will never forget them; I will remember Heavenly Father too!

Sarah R., age 11, Michigan

God Is Always Near You

God is always near you

Whether you see Him or not.

Even when your world is black,

God will give you all you lack.

Just ask in faith,

Ask in humility,

Ask in peace and tranquility.

He’ll give you strength,

He’ll give you might.

He’ll help you know

What is right.

So be scared no more

Because Jesus bore

The weight of all mankind

For us to live

With Him forever.

All hail to Him above.

Hannah V., age 11, California


Every living prophet

Has a duty to do.

They preach the gospel,

Which is very true.

At each general conference

I get to hear what they have to say.

I very much love that day!

Prophets do the Lord’s will;

It is the same rule still.

I’m sorry that Gordon B. Hinckley passed away,

But now Thomas S. Monson leads the way.

Samantha S., age 10, Arizona

When I Am Baptized

When I am baptized

I make a promise with God:

1. I will follow Jesus.

2. I will remember Jesus.

3. I will keep His commandments.

After I am baptized

I will be confirmed.

When I am confirmed

Men will lay their hands on my head

And give me the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Beau J., age 7, Washington

1. Jacob O., age 8, Oregon

2. Morgan W., age 5, British Columbia, Canada

3. Jessica S., age 9, Utah

4. Aliya Q., age 11, Virginia

5. Makae P., age 10, Nebraska

6. Hollyn C., age 11, Arizona

7. Daniel R., age 10, Georgia

8. Cade C., age 9, Utah

9. Mackenzie W., age 9, Illinois

10. Griffin B., age 6, Utah

11. Brayden B., age 6, Nebraska

12. Olivia H., age 6, Arizona