Trying to Be Like Jesus

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He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (John 8:12).

Being Modest

Miriam L., age 9, Texas

I had a friend who was a really nice girl, but she didn’t wear modest clothes. One day she was wearing a really short skirt. I decided to talk to her and find out why. At recess, I asked her why she was wearing a short skirt. She said she thought it was cute, and she didn’t have a longer skirt. I told her that short skirts aren’t modest and she could wear leggings under her skirt. The next day when my friend walked into class, I was surprised! She was wearing leggings under her skirt. I am glad I could help my friend be modest.

A Friendly Swim

Nathan H., age 7, Utah

My friend and I went swimming at the swimming pool with our first-grade class. My friend had to wear a life jacket. Two girls came over and teased him about his life jacket. I got out of the pool and put a life jacket on. Then I got back in the pool and looked for my friend. When I found him he was happy I was wearing a life jacket! I try to be a good friend, and when I am, I am happy too.

Birthday Service

Evie F., age 8, Washington, with help from her mom

For my eighth birthday party, I asked that my friends bring school supplies instead of presents. I wanted to make school kits for the Church Humanitarian Center. My friends and family helped make 24 school kits. It was a fun activity, and I liked thinking of the children who will get the kits.

Teaching the Teacher

Conley K., age 10, Missouri

One day at recess I was bored, so I went over to my teacher. I was surprised when she asked me about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She said she went to a Christian church, so I told her about ours. I told her what the sacrament represents. She told me about her church and seemed interested in what I was saying about our church. I felt glad for doing missionary work. I’m glad I had the chance to teach my teacher.

Helping Her Learn

Leanne M., age 7, Oregon, with help from her mom

When I was in the first grade, one of my classmates kept asking if she could copy off of my paper. I said, “Stop trying to copy off my paper. I am trying to work.” Later that day, I told my mom what happened. I said, “She was trying to cheat, and that is the same as lying.” During the school year, I tried to help my classmate with her work because I knew she wouldn’t learn anything by cheating. It made me feel good knowing I had done the right thing.

Following Jesus

Kisione T., age 5, California

My aunt was visiting my family, and she is not a member of the Church. One day, I asked her what she was drinking. She said it was iced tea and asked me if I wanted some. I said no because we’re not supposed to drink tea and because it’s bad for us.

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Illustrations by Lael Henderson