A True Example of Christ

Adapted from Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith (2007), 430.

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A True Example of Christ

A True Example of Christ, left page(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Sal Velluto and Eugenio Mattozzi

The Prophet went to visit his aunt and uncle. His uncle and his cousins were sick with the fever and chills.

Joseph, your uncle has the worst of it. I fear for his life.

Here, Uncle, have my shoes.

But, Joseph, what will you wear?

Joseph rode home without his shoes.

A True Example of Christ, right page(click to view larger)

He sent for his uncle and had him brought to his home.

He will heal better at my house. Emma will take good care of him.

He also sent many supplies to help the rest of the family recover.

Thank you, Joseph. Thank you.

The Prophet’s genuine love for others saved his uncle’s life and eased his aunt’s burdens.