A Trip to the Sacred Grove

Brianna J., age 10, Iowa

My family took a trip to Palmyra, New York. We took a tour of Joseph Smith’s home, and we visited the Sacred Grove. While we were in the Sacred Grove, I felt the Spirit and I knew that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus live.

Thanks for the Web Site and Magazine

Eliza L., age 9, New York

I really enjoy the Friend magazine’s Web site. It is the perfect thing to do on Sundays because it helps me keep the Sabbath day holy. I love the puzzles online and am so glad there are so many things I can print out. I also love the interactive coloring pages. I love the Friend magazine too. I especially liked the “Help to Heal” and “Maria’s Medal” stories in the February 2009 issue. I also like Friends by Mail. Thanks for everything!

Fun with Friend Games

Taylor D., age 11, California

What I especially like about the Friend are the games, such as the “Scripture Picture Game” in the November 2008 issue. My family had a fun time playing it for family home evening! I like the games because they offer a fun learning experience.

Coming in 2010: A New Liahona Magazine

The Church publishes a magazine for children, youth, and adults who speak languages other than English. It is called the Liahona magazine. The Liahona is printed in 50 languages! The magazine has been redesigned to better reach Church members around the world. Some pages of the Friend are in the Liahona. To subscribe to the Liahona magazine, visit ldscatalog.com.

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Illustration by Jennifer Eichelberger