I wasn’t there to see the star

That brightly led the way,

But I can have the Savior’s light

To guide me every day.

I didn’t feel the gentle peace

That fell on earth that night,

But I can feel His Spirit

When I’m doing what is right.

I didn’t watch while Mary held

Her precious little one,

But I don’t have to see to know

He is God’s Chosen Son.

I wasn’t with the shepherds

When they learned of Jesus’s birth,

But I can learn and share His word

With others here on earth.

I didn’t know the Wise Men,

With their treasures rare to give,

But I can give a priceless gift

Just in the way I live.

I didn’t hear the angels sing

Hosannas sweet and clear,

But I can praise and honor Him

Each day throughout the year.

Illustration by Sam Nielson