Teaching Tanner’s Teacher

I want to be a missionary now. I don’t want to wait until I’m grown ( Children’s Songbook, 168).

1 One day Tanner got a picture of Jesus. He loved the picture. He wanted to share it with somebody. He knew that not everybody knows about Jesus.

2 “Mom, can I give my picture of Jesus to somebody?” Tanner asked.

“Sure,” Mom said. “Who will you give it to?”

“I’m going to give it to my teacher, Mrs. Young. I like her because she reads me lots of stories.”

“That’s a wonderful idea,” Mom said. “I’m proud of you.”

3 When Tanner got to preschool, he gave the picture to Mrs. Young. She was happy to get a picture of Jesus. Tanner was happy she liked it.

4 A few days later, Tanner and his family made a book that looked like the Book of Mormon golden plates. Then they wrote their testimonies in the book.

“Mom, can I take our book to school to show Mrs. Young?” Tanner asked.

“Yes, you can,” Mom said.

5 The next day at school, Tanner carried a backpack with his family’s golden plates inside. He told Mrs. Young about the book his family had made. Tanner’s teacher was very interested.

6 When Mom picked up Tanner from school that day, his teacher went to talk to Tanner’s mother.

“Tanner brought something very interesting today,” Mrs. Young said. “Can you tell me more?”

“How would you and your husband like to come to dinner at our house?” Mom asked. “We can talk more then.”

“That sounds great,” Mrs. Young said.

7 A few months later, Tanner and his mother went to Mr. and Mrs. Young’s baptism.

“I’m very happy I shared my picture of Jesus with my teacher,” Tanner said.

“I know that she is too,” Mom said. “You are a big reason why Mrs. Young and her husband are being baptized today.”

8 Tanner had a happy feeling as he watched Mrs. Young be baptized. He smiled as Mom leaned over and whispered, “Four-year-olds are great missionaries!”

Illustrations by Elise Black

Being Like a Missionary

The message missionaries share with people about Heavenly Father’s plan for us has always been the same. Enoch was a prophet before Jesus was born on earth. The Lord asked him to share the gospel, as missionaries do today. Color the picture of Enoch. Then draw missionary clothing on Tanner to show what missionaries look like today.

Enoch activity(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Elise Black

Helps for Parents: Explain that Enoch was asked to share the gospel. He didn’t think he could because he thought he didn’t know enough. The Lord told Enoch that he could do anything with the Lord’s help. Because Enoch was obedient, the Lord blessed him to be able to teach the people. (See Moses 6:31–38.) Ask your children what they can do now to be good missionaries like Enoch.

Helps for Parents: Explain that even though Tanner has not yet been called to serve a full-time mission, he can still do missionary work while he is young. Help your children draw modern-day missionary clothing on Tanner. Ask them what they can do now to prepare to become a full-time missionary. Talk about doing things such as praying, reading scriptures, and helping others.

Help the Missionaries

Help the missionaries get to their teaching appointment. Pay attention to the arrows to make sure the missionaries do not turn the wrong way on one-way streets.

missionary maze(click to view larger)