The Friend Online Is Fun

Quinn A., age 5, Idaho

One Sunday I was sick and had to stay home from church. I wanted to watch a movie, but my mom showed me the Friend online instead. First I listened to stories, then I colored pictures online. Last, I played with the puzzles. There were lots of them. I liked the Primary songs that played with the pictures and puzzles. My mom and I sang with the music. The Friend on the Internet is fun.

I Relate to the Friend

Micah L., age 8, West Virginia

I really enjoy reading the Friend every month. I liked the story “Kendra’s Letter” in the November 2008 issue because it relates to me a bit. We recently moved from Texas to West Virginia, and I had to leave some really good friends. It was hard for me at first, but I have made some new friends here. I still miss my old friends, but I am glad we e-mail each other often.

Learning to Laugh

Shelley B., age 7, England

In October 2008 I listened to the conference talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin (1917–2008) about being able to laugh when things go wrong. I don’t really want to do that because I feel embarrassed when I make a mistake. However, one day while at school, our class was asked to dance during the P.E. lesson. I started dancing cheerfully, but then guess what happened? I tripped! I remembered Elder Wirthlin’s advice, and I laughed.

I Love to Read the Friend

Spencer P., age 11, Utah

I love to read the Friend because it teaches everyone about sharing and serving. I like to read the articles from the First Presidency and Friends by Mail. Thank you for sending me the Friend.

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Illustration by Lael Henderson